TinkerWing is a small business with Lars Jansen as owner. A man with a technical background, an eye for detail and a passion for model aviation. After making many 3D prints for himself and others, Lars decided to take his hobby to the next level. That is why he brought the TinkerWing webshop to life in August 2020. A webshop where he offers and sells 3D printed models, parts and custom requests. If you decide to order from Tinkerwing, you are assured of products of very good quality and a competitive price.

The quality of printed plastic has greatly improved over the past years. But plastic stays plastic and fragile. The products are not indestructible! If you have a problem with the quality or strength of a product, contact us at info@tinkerwing.nl.

Custom request:
TinkerWing offers next to the 3D printed parts a custom request service. Have an idea or design and want to know the possibilities. Contact us at info@tinkerwing.nl.

Mail: info@tinkerwing.nl
KVK / Chamber of Commerce: 80051367